Goddess of deception, daughter of Nyx and Erebus. Her spirit finds freedom once Pandora's box opens.


Rhetorical figure belonging to the Tropi group. The the denominations of the two counterparties mutually turn theirs meaning through an association of different realities but logically or materially related or contiguous. There relationship affects quantitative aspects such as relationships part-whole, singular-plural, genus-species, material-product.


Art of interpretation. In the Roman conception hermeneutics approaches the ancient ἐξήγησις (Exegesis), the ability to reveal the response of the gods. The philosophers Plato and Martin Heidegger correlates its etymology to the God Hermes.



Integrity Illusion is an ever-changing Blend aimed at Scalability through the addition or removal of units, similar or heterogeneous, called Fragments. Each Fragment is at the same time composition and part of a composition.

From their union and disintegration derives a constant Evolution of the Order dominated by a series of characteristic elements (colors, shapes, dispositions) that culminate in the Expression of the moment, single or collective, of the Work.

The decisive factor for the resolution is the Sharpness, placed through the accommodation of the Demarcations; which sometimes contain and sometimes limit.



The Concept draws its inspiration from a mythological vision of the Opera, in which an often perceptible indication is manifested only through an abstraction beyond man himself

The technique used has its roots in the concepts of Divisionism and Macchiaioli, transferring the importance entrusted to colors to that of shapes.